May 2016

14 Airport hotels for the design-savvy traveler

Prodigy Santos Dumont, Rio de Janeiro

Historically, airport hotels have offered just the bare necessities for weary travelers: simple guest rooms, a humdrum bar, and a modest fitness center with a few treadmills and exercise bikes. In recent years, however, hospitality companies have upped the ante…

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Hydra: the laid-back Greek island


It's now a stop-off on the glittery international art circuit and yet the boho, go-slow Greek island of Hydra will always sway gently to its own rhythm...

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The world’s 8 most beautiful skyscrapers

The world's 8 most beautiful skyscrapers

The startling modernity of Renzo Piano’s tower may have come as a bit of a shock to Londoners when it was first announced, but it has become a much-d part of the capital’s sky since its completion in 2012. It’s…

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