About Eclectic Homes London

Eclectic Homes is a continuously developing real estate and design company based in London. Established by a group of professionals with proven experience and international knowledge, our company specializes in high-end properties worldwide.

Property sales

Our experts guarantee an ideal selection of buildings and land properties, relying on an extensive network of contacts. Whatever your requirements may be, our qualified team is on hand to help you every step of the way, until the final moment you are handed over the keys to your new home or investment.

Renovation & refurbishment

At Eclectic Homes, we have established a team of carefully chosen and appraised architects, contractors, as well as the finest of craftsmen, to deliver exceptional renovating and refurbishing results, promptly and to your complete satisfaction.


We are inspired by colour and materials. The dynamics of space and layout fascinate us so we are unafraid to explore and embrace new ideas. Balancing creative design with solid financial and project planning allows us to focus on delivery in a service-led manner.

Eclectic style

With a passion for art and design, we are persistently in touch with the most esteemed auction houses and galleries around the world, in order to offer our clients valuable pieces, ranging from modern photography to ancient art. Our collection is diverse, and this allows us to fit any budget or requirement.

Trust & confidence

At Eclectic Homes we take pride in the quality of the personalized service we provide to our customers. Your trust is essential to us, and earning your loyalty inspires us to remain a dynamic and ever evolving company in the complex and challenging world of real estate.

Elena I. Ntina
CEO & Founder