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What goes into designing the interiors of Gulfstream’s new $56 million G600 private jet


From Hermès dinnerware to Tai Ping carpeting, Gulfstream goes the extra mile to ensure its newest G600 is second to none

Gulfstream Aerospace—which has designed and manufactured private aircraft for nearly 60 years—recently announced its plans for two new jets to be released in 2018 and 2019. The G500 and G600, respectively, are pushing the limits in private aviation, both in aerodynamics and interiors. Similar to previous models, the G600 can fly, nonstop, from New York to Beijing. Distance traveled, however, is no longer the gold standard for private jets. As Tray Crow, Gulfstream’s director of interior design, explains, “We can only push the bar on travel distances so far before you’re simply circumnavigating the globe. As a result, the focus has shifted from distance flown to more opulent interiors.” The interiors team, headed by Crow, works much like a traditional design firm—with a few crucial differences, of course. Their dimensions are not a home or an office, but a combination of the two (as clients often work and sleep on the aircraft), built in the form of a metal tube that flies at an altitude of 51,000 feet.

The design team at Gulfstream works in tandem with the customer in customizing their cabin. Clients can visit Gulfstream showrooms in London, Savannah (GA), Long Beach (CA), and Dallas (TX), to select china, carpeting, leather, and veneers; the company’s engineers worked with a supplier to devised a lightweight stone tiling for the aircraft, perfect for spill-prone areas like the kitchen. The design team also works with each client to figure out such specifications as bathroom size (with or without a bidet) and whether the kitchen is at the front or rear of the plane (meals and drinks being prepared in the back means the crew is more visible; the cabin is also louder, an issue since most of the lounging or sleeping units are also at the rear of an airplane). Clients can preview all of their choices on an application called Design Book, that provides a 3-D rendering of the plane’s interior scheme…

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